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The World Needs a New Kind of Man

Men who are fiercely self-aware, tough and nurturing, powerful and compassionate. Men of integrity, driven by purpose. It’s time to be that man.


The new warrior training adventure is a 48-hour journey unlike any other. It’s a life-changing opportunity to transcend your limitations, and reclaim the life that’s waiting for you. It isn’t easy, but when you hear the call, you’ll know.

All men are welcome. Will you be one of them?


February 19 – 21, 2019 (Tuesday – Thursday)
Moshva Nir Tzvi (Near Ben Gurion)


Cost: $750 USD
Food: Kosher L’Mehadrin/Halal


Click here to learn more about The Adventure, a life-changing experience that has initiated over 65,000 men around the world into a radical new way of being.