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Questions & Answers

The following FAQs address some of the common concerns men have when considering our work. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here or available at mankindproject.org, please get in touch.

When will the next New Warrior Training Adventure be held in Israel?

MKP Israel has held three successful New Warrior Training Adventures, one in 2018, 2019 and 2022. We are thrilled that our next training is scheduled for December 5-7, 2023. To be notified of updates, we invite you to connect with us and request to be added to our email list.

How might the next New Warrior Training Adventure be impacted by Covid?

A fundamental component of the NWTA is that everyone is regularly in close proximity to other men throughout its 48 hours. The close contact will be the equivalent of spending much of the time in a nightclub or at a festival. All participants are recommended to have at least one COVID-19 self-test in the 24 hours prior to their arrival at the NWTA and all participants are requested to follow their government’s latest advice on self-isolation and travel.

MKP Israel reserves the right to postpone any planned training at short notice if Covid-19 restrictions are put in place. In the event of a training being postponed you will be given the option to select a later date (availability permitting) or to receive a full refund. The NWTA will adhere to government mandates in place at the time of the event.

What is “men’s work”?
Men’s work is about developing an awareness about how we as men show up in the world. It’s an opportunity to take an honest look at the messages we received as kids, the ways society conditioned us to think about masculinity, and/or the limiting beliefs and stories that drive our behavior. It’s an opportunity to be vulnerable and authentic in the presence of other men, to shed the mask and lean into the courage opening ourselves up can breed. It’s a chance to get out of our heads and into our bodies, to experience true connection. It’s uncomfortable. And, it’s incredibly rewarding.
Are you trying to “fix” the Middle East?

No. We believe that emotionally mature, powerful, compassionate, and purpose-driven men will help heal some of society’s deepest wounds. And, our focus is on healing those wounds from the inside-out. We are not explicitly trying to solve the problems of the region.

As articulated by Alden Solovy, MKP Israel Area Steward: “We are not bringing MKP to Israel to try to heroically solve the issues of the region. We’re bringing MKP to Israel to build a better future and a better world, one man at a time.”

How is MKP different from other men’s groups in Israel?

Men’s groups come in many shapes and sizes. Most, if not all, are united by a similar vision: to support men in becoming their best selves.

Men residing in Israel have a number of men’s groups at their disposal, including Well of Being, Journey into Manhood, Shiva, and others, in addition to the ManKind Project.

What draws men to MKP—both within Israel and beyond—is our basis in the hero’s journey; our focus on cultivating the values of authenticity, integrity, and service; and the framework we provide for ongoing growth and support through our training weekends (NWTA) and men’s groups (“I-Groups” or Integration Groups).

If you’re interested in experiencing our work for yourself, we invite you to attend one of our upcoming open meetings and sit in circle with us.  

Will my _________ beliefs be welcome here?

Yes. Religious men of all faiths—including Jewish men—have attended and greatly benefited from the NWTA. There is room for you here. Our core values align well with G-d’s teachings and can augment a man of faith’s ability to navigate the world with clarity, a deep sense of purpose and joy.

How does the New Warrior Training Adventure accommodate the observance of Shabbat?

In most regions around the world, the New Warrior Training Adventure is held from late Friday to mid-day Sunday. In order to honor Shabbat and the Jewish men who observe it, however, our trainings will be held mid-week (a training might run from late-afternoon Tuesday to mid-afternoon on Thursday, for example).

For men who observe the Jewish Sabbath, there is a document to help Shomer Shabbat men keep Shabbat on the NWTA. After you have registered for an NWTA, email yehudah.goldberg@gmail.com and ask for a copy of the document.

In what language(s) are trainings conducted?

NWTAs (New Warrior Training Adventures) and I-Groups (Integration Groups) in Israel are held in English. However, our intention is to accommodate any Hebrew and Arabic men who do not speak fluent English.

Is the ManKind Project (MKP) a cult?

Quite emphatically, NO.

There are many definitions of a cult, but most include 1) a single charismatic leader, 2) financial support by committed followers, 3) a unified dogma or mission, and 4) separation from the outside world.

By contrast, the three men who founded what became the ManKind Project gave away our primary intellectual property, the protocols describing how to run the NWTA, to our nonprofit organization many years ago. The two surviving founders, Bill Kauth and Rich Tosi, each receive royalties of less than $20,000 per year. The ManKind Project is a nonprofit organization which provides oversight of our 39 centers, and our leadership and management is extremely decentralized. We have a handful of full time staff and the highest salary in the organization is under $90,000. Most of MKP’s income derives from training tuition, and about a sixth of our total budget comes from member donations.

The ManKind Project has a set of core values: integrity, respect, generosity, accountability, multicultural awareness, and compassion. We have a common purpose: to create better men. We have no creation story, no mystical entities, no miracle stories, no icons, no gurus. Rather than offering a single perspective on how to live, a single belief system or mission, we will support you in living your own mission as you define it. Will some of your old beliefs be challenged on the NWTA? We certainly hope so. Our intention is provide an opportunity for you to re-examine patterns which limit your potential, with the goal of expanding awareness and opportunity.

As for separation from the community – the men in MKP are involved in all kinds of communities! We are a far too diverse and vibrant group of men to be closed off from the world. After getting involved in this work, most of us experience an expansion in the level connection we have to all the people we meet and interact with. We have weekly or bi-weekly peer mentoring groups that we can choose to be involved with. Some of us volunteer to work for our centers or staff our trainings – and a few have made this work our livelihood.

Many of us do feel strong loyalty for the ManKind Project, because the NWTA and integration groups have brought so much meaning to our lives. Our loyalty is similar to how many of us feel about other service organizations that bring value to the world. If you have visited the Rick Ross Cult Forum, you know he refers to the ManKind Project as a large group awareness training or LGAT. Rick Ross doesn’t call us a cult. The truth is, we do offer an awareness training – and we think growing awareness is a good thing!

I read an article that was very negative, what about that?

We know we’re a bit unusual, even controversial, but we’re nothing like the Houston Press described in their incredibly irresponsible article. Our Executive Director Carl Griesser has written a response to that article here. We are proud of who we are, the work we do and the positive impact we have had on more than 60,000 men.

Is this therapy?

No. The ManKind Project, its affiliated trainings, and any men’s group associated with it do not constitute professional mental health care nor are a substitute for it.

These trainings and groups are for the purpose of self-exploration and peer-support, and are presented, facilitated, and attended by men ranging in ability to support others in need, and who in most cases do not hold credentials in the helping professions.
No one should ever forego or suspend active pursuit of treatment for conditions such as addictions, depression, relationship issues, or any other condition in order to participate in an MKP activity. Just as it would be unreasonable for a diabetic to seek a men’s group to replace medication and diet, it is inappropriate and potentially dangerous for individuals needing mental health care to attend a men’s group in lieu of professional treatment.

Be sure to inform your primary health care provider and specialized professional (ie, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or other credentialed therapist) about your participation in these groups and workshops. If your therapist would like more information about MKP, he or she can get touch with the MKP Mental Health Resource Team (MHRT) by emailing mhrt@mkp.org.

For more questions, please visit the extensive FAQs available at mankindproject.org.